The Story of Red Fox Banjo

Are you emotionally prepared? There may be tears.

Let's start with the obvious question - why "Red Fox Banjo"?

Well, a few years ago I needed to come up with a new name for a website project I was playing with. It didn't have to be anything incredible nor did I feel pressure for it to make sense - I just needed a name.

I thought and I thought and I thought.

Have you ever had the experience of being able to think and say clever things off the cuff but then the moment you TRY to be clever it all dries up?

Son fox

Yeah, that happened.

So then I decided to try the obvious route.

I'm fortunate enough to be a parent and I deeply love my children.

As my son's personality began to emerge early in his life (~ 2yrs) it was dominated by two things:

  • * His Red Fox stuffed animal
  • * Banjos

Because he is so special to me, and those two items are so special to him, in a fit of genius I came up with "Red Fox Banjo".

Cut me some slack - do you know how hard it is to find a reasonable domain name that's not already taken?!